Friday, July 10, 2015

Crossroads Tearoom, Perth, Ontario

We stopped in yesterday at Crossroads Tearoom in Perth for a light lunch.  And of course I had to try their scones for dessert, as you can see for yourself. The place was hopping at 12:30 but we only had a short wait before a table freed up for us. By the time we had finished our lunch, the place had emptied out so I was able to take some photos without disturbing other visitors. 

But while we waited for our table, I was able to have a good look around and peruse the menu.

At the front counter there was a selection of baked goods in large glass jars.

Marie Antoinette was there to preside over the proceedings, and my oh my, she made no secret of what she had up her skirt.

Just over her shoulder were an assortment of tables and chairs, set for two, four or six. It is definitely a sort of mix and match kind of place which is perfectly charming and suited to a Victorian tearoom.

There are plenty of details to take in and appreciate.

The place is very cozy despite, or perhaps because of,  its jumble of collectibles.

A lovely corner for two over here...

And seating among what looks like a series of what might have once been fitting rooms. 

There are all sorts of vignettes to look at while you dine.

Including these divine hats, which do I prefer... the pink or the blue?

Never mind, it's the food that we came for and everything was very good, and clearly homemade. I will definitely be going back, especially now that I know that sticky toffee pudding is on offer!

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