Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Cocoa Locale, Part 1

Time again for a trip to Cocoa Locale, my favorite cake shop in Montreal by far.  Even if the cakes weren't so delicious, which they are, the shop's decor is a treat in itself.

You know a kindred spirit lies within when you spot a line of vintage aprons in the window!

And tea cups on the window ledge are another clue.

And then, over the counter at the back, are all the adorable vintage cooking implements in such pretty pastel shades.

But let us not get distracted from the cakes... chocolate chai, chocolate lavendar, vanilla rose, pumpkin spice...

Oh, but just look how cute this vignette is!

And those wee cupcakes garnished with rose petals!

Oh look, more teacups!

Cocoa Locale, my kind of cake shop!

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