Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to Cocoa Locale, Part 2

There are too many treasures to be found at Cocoa Locale to see at one glance.

Vintage cupcake and muffin tins, and an old seed package advertising roses, just like the petals that are Reema's signature garnish on all of her cakes.

A lovely display beside the cash.

Cake orders peek out from behind a pastel pink display.

Here's where the magic takes place.

There are lots of pretty vintage advertisements to catch your attention. Reading them is a pleasant distraction  if you find yourself waiting for your turn.

So many choices, what will I try today?

The perfect vintage hostess stands by the door, to wish you farewell as you leave.

Too avoid disappointment, get there as close to opening time as possible. You can find Cocoa Locale at 4807 Parc Avenue in Montreal.

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