Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea-tasting Afternoon

In the middle of a winter afternoon, how better to shake off the cold and seasonal doldrums than with cups of tea, and the taste of something a little exotic.

Add some traditional Chinese music playing softly in the background and some friends to share in a tea-tasting. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch... all the senses are engaged.

Teapots, tea cups, strainers and tea leaves set out and at the ready.

Multiple tea cups ready for heating with hot water before receiving multiple infusions of tea. A different set of cups for each type of tea.

What better way to enhance a tea-tasting than with an offering of sweetness: cookies with almond, pistachio, aniseed, ginger and orange blossom water flavourings.

With a Chinese tea cake made with pu-er tea and lotus leaves that measures about 4 inches across, you can see just how small these miniature tea cakes are. Perfect for slipping into a tiny silk purse to give away to your guests so they can make another pot of Chinese tea at home and bring back memories of a winter afternoon spent transported to exotic places for a short time. An afternoon shared with the serenity and relaxing ritual that the serving of tea offers.

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