Monday, January 9, 2012

Brit & Chips in Old Montreal

On our recent trip to Montreal we were so pleased to come across, just by chance, this fish and chip restaurant. We had been walking in Old Montreal and were getting a little hungry. When my youngest said that a pastie would be good, I certainly thought that it was highly unlikely that there were any pasties to be had anywhere near by.

But I was wrong, because just around the corner we discovered Brits & Chips. And yes, they have pasties on their menu... along with all sorts of different battered fish and fresh unfrozen chips. They aim for an authentic British feel and the prices are more reasonable than you'd expect for a restaruant located in Old Montreal. Good food, friendly service, nice d├ęcor.

Brit & Chips, the winner of the 2011 Best of Montreal Readers Poll, is located at 433 McGill Street, in Old Montreal.

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