Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best of the Tour

I was recently on a garden tour of eight or so residential gardens. Some had been professionally landscaped, some had been developed over the years by the owners and others were works in progress. My absolute favourite, though, was a delightfully quirky garden containing all sorts of whimsy. The owner does most of the gardening herself and obviously has a great sense of humour which she allows to creep into all the nooks and crannies of her garden. These photos are just a few of the spots that caught my eye. The garden is the sort that offers its visitors many surprises, some that might be missed on a first visit, as there is so much to see. Unfortunately, some of the tongue-in-cheek touches such as the metal hen planters potted with Hens and Chickens are not pictured here. But even so, you still get the sense that is a totally charming and welcoming garden.


  1. Love the teapot fountain. Sooo you!

  2. Thanks J. I guess you know me pretty well... It's fun to visit others' gardens and get ideas for our own!