Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wild Violets

When I spotted this orphaned saucer, festooned with violets, I could already picture exactly what I would do with it once the violets were again in bloom.

Every spring we have wild violets that come up through our lawn. I don't yank them out, but instead leave them be... usually the grass does not need mowing until after their blossoms are spent. We both seem happy with this arrangement.

Violets are such dear wee flowers. They make me think of shy retiring souls who would rather hang back at the edges in a group than be the centre of attention. Gathering their short stems together, they create a tiny yet robust posy. There is safety in numbers so perhaps they do not feel so uneasy when they have each other for support.

I love how they look beside this English china saucer... they are not overshadowed in any way by their two-dimensional counterparts.

The miniscule bottle of scent came back with me from a trip to England 16 years ago. The scent of Devon violets is one that stirs many nostalgic memories that are as sweet as the scent itself. Interestingly, the tiny jug was made in Devon.

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