Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Warmers

Here's a fairly easy project to make with an old scarf. To keep hot drinks warmer longer and to protect your hands from extremely hot beverages, try one of these knit warmers. You could of course knit or crochet one yourself, but for a quick and easy alternative, just cut a section of a wooly scarf to size and sew into a tube. Make sure that the tube is at least an inch or two shorter that the glass, unless you want a mouth full of fluff with each sip. Slide the selected glass into the tube, making sure the fit is snug enough that it doesn't slide out. The same can be done for a mug but remember to leave an opening in the seam to poke the handle through. Lots of colourful fun for winter!
These colourful warmers should be removed before washing the glass or mug, and if they get soiled or stained just throw the tubes in the laundry.

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