Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guest Room Makeover

Thought it would be fun to post the “before and after” photos of my “guest room” makeover. My eldest is away at camp so when my dear friend A. gave me the good news that she would be coming to stay at our house for a few days I decided that she could use his room. The only problem was that it looked like the typical teen’s room, messy messy and not very pretty or inviting. So I set myself the challenge to transform it temporarily into the most welcoming space I could without spending much or doing anything that couldn’t be undone once eldest son returns. Making do as much as possible with things that I already had, I came up with the following result.

Best part was that I hardly spent anything at all. Used some leftover green paint to brighten up the bulletin board, borrowed youngest son’s green rug and green cushion, took the duvet out of storage, added a few framed pictures and books, filled up a couple of vases with fresh flowers, lined the bedside shelf with green placemats from the kitchen, brought up the wicker chair from the basement, and made up a little welcome basket filled with goodies to pamper our guest. One of my best ideas for the basket was a selection of postcards from our city’s most well-known landmarks (adding stamps to the cards so that A. could write and mail them without any inconvenience... which she did). I bet the recipients will be thrilled to receive them too.

So what exactly was the total expenditure for the guest room makeover? I found the bedskirt at V.V.’s, a Pottery Barn score for $3.99. The fern pillowcase was 99 cents. The wee wicker welcome basket was $1.99. Total cost: $6.97.

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