Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tea in the Zen Garden

After the delightful task of viewing all the various display areas at 1001 Pots, and selecting and buying the pieces that I wanted, it was such a joy to sit down in one of the three tea salons. I chose the one located in the peaceful shade of the Zen Garden and was treated to a delicious cup of coffee by friend D. The same delightful friend who had discovered 1001 Pots and invited me along for the day.

There was a demonstration of the Japanese brush painting that adorn these banners that hang from the tea salon's roof and top the small tables.

There is a selection of Japanese teas for your enjoyment, served in gorgeous handmade ceramic teapots and tea cups, but the delicious smell of the brewing coffee was too much to resist. It was a serene place to rest and collect my thoughts after giddily traipsing about the garden trying not to miss anything.

The beautiful bouquet of garden flowers atop the worn wooden cabinet were resting in an handmade ceramic vase that suited the collection perfectly.

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